Integrated Management System Policy

Energy efficiency award ceremony Katalin Szili, Virtual Power Plant Programme

Energy efficiency award ceremony


implementing such technologies during the production and distribution of formalin and reaching such quality - and environmental protection performance, which satisfy our customers and ensure the sustainable improvement of our environment.

IN ORDER TO REACH THESE GOALS: We have introduced integrated quality- and environment management system according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Continuous improvement ensures the efficient operation of the system. Therefore:

  • Our company operates according to the relevant external and internal rules, legal provisions, standards and professional requirements.
  • Every phase of our operation is managed, documented and carried out considering parameters measured in an objective way.
  • The operation of the integrated system is supervised in a controlled way. Discrepancies are detected and their cause is analysed. Furthermore we make every effort to introduce efficient measures.
  • Recognition of the changing requirements of our customers and fulfilling these requirements at a high-standard as well as increasing their satisfaction - these factors are considered as a fundamental objective by our management.
  • We are committed to the protection of the environment, to the prevention of environmental pollution - especially the exploration of the possibilities of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and use - and the continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • We pay attention to the identification and management of risks, to the increase of operational safety, and the improvement of emergency preparedness.
  • We are continuously optimize our raw material usage and energy consumption.
  • We undertake that by strengthening external environmental communication, parties concerned can get a real picture of our commitment to sustainable, continuous development, our aspirations, the measures we have taken and the results we have achieved.

We are committed to familiarize our employees with the policy, aims and structure of the Company’s integrated management system as well as with their responsibilities. We are expecting our employees to carry out their work with due diligence and with taking care of the environment.

1st April 2021

Zoltán Rigerszki
managing director

Safety Management Strategy

of BC-KC Formalin Ltd.

Safety Management Strategy

Environment-, climate protection

Climate protection table

Energy Conscious Company

We are pleased and proud to inform our partners that BC-KC Formalin Ltd. has been awarded the title of Energy Conscious Company in 2014. The title was awarded to our company by the Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency Excellence Competition, which works closely with the Virtual Power Plant Programme to promote energy efficiency in domestic enterprises - the members of the committee include the Committee for Sustainable Development of the National Assembly, the Ministry of National Development and representatives of several renowned universities of engineering and economics.

The aim of the Virtual Power Plant Programme is to collect, organise, quantify and publish the energy efficiency achievements of the participating companies.

Under the programme, we will make the following commitments for the coming year


Our company places great emphasis on energy efficient operations

As an energy-conscious company, we focus on using energy efficiently, not only to reduce our own costs, but also to create a more sustainable environment for future generations.

We are committed

to working closely with a working group of external experts to continually review energy efficiency and cost reduction opportunities.

The Virtual Power Plant Programme

helps to quantify the savings already achieved, providing the competent authorities with a useful source of information on the energy efficiency of your business. As a member of the European Union, it is important for our company to contribute to our country's energy efficiency commitments and to participate in this forward-looking initiative.

One of the greatest economic challenges of the present

is the efficient use of resources and keeping costs at an appropriate level. That is why our company is committed to the conscious use of renewable energies. In this context, we undertake the installation of solar systems on our premises. Furthermore, we are currently carrying out research into the utilisation of our company's technological by-product "poor gas", with the planning of an investment in a gas engine.

In addition to the quantifiable cost savings,

one of the main drivers for us to join the Virtual Power Plant Programme was the opportunity to use the Energy Conscious Company logo and logo. We are confident that the Energy Conscious Company trademark will soon become important to consumers.

Our company is committed

to continuously analysing and comparing its energy efficiency results with national and international best practices.

Our company is determined

to go beyond the current energy-conscious label and achieve the energy-efficient label.

Kazincbarcika, 19 September 2014.

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