Solution of formaldehyde in water up to 50% formaldehyde content stabilized with methanol, according to classification related to the transport of dangerous goods UN 2209 and UN 1198, depending on methanol content or without stabilizer approx. 1% methanol content based on customer’s specification.

Deliveries based on different customer specifications are made by road transport or by railway in tanks and in min. 1 m3 volume containers.

The packaging of formalin will be done with the packaging materials provided by the customer, which complies with the relevant rules and provisions in force and the properties of the dangerous material.

Our Company also can provide transport services /in case of deliveries made by road tanker or railway tank wagon/.  In case of transports by road tanker, the compliance of the packaging material shall be ensured by the contracted shipping company based on the information /Safety Data Sheet/ provided in advance.

For road and railway transports all relevant ADR and RID rules in force shall be kept continuously. According to Government decree No. 25/2014.(IV.30.) NFM companies in the supply chain /supplier, transporter, customer/ have to employ a “Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor” (DGSA).

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